Training Science – Our DNA

A Culmination of almost 25 years in the Fitness Industry has seen TrainingScience evolve from a Health Concept in early 1997 to the Company it is today.

Driven by the Absolute desire to better Athletes and change the way South Africans go about looking after their Health and their ability to Move.

After nearly a decade in the Fitness Industry and operating in the bedfordview area since 2004 , Director and Founder Riaan Raats, laid the cornerstone to the TrainingScience Signature Conditioning Facility early 2006 in the Bedfordview .

TrainingScience HQ were to offer a service solution that would see this fitness concept grow into a National Bussiness servicing the Industry through Health Awareness, Performance Training and Corporate Wellness solutions across South-Africa

TrainingScience facilities are effecting the lives of South Africans across the length of South-Africa, in 19 facilities Nationwide.

Our Unique offering has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people reach a better quality of life;

  • The Injury Rehabilitation, including spinal fusions, shoulder and knee reconstruction to as-sisting the average Joe to prepare for that mountain excursion or ski holiday.
  • Our Sports Conditioning protocols have seen many Athletes across various sports achieve their goals and reach higher levels of performance from the semi-professional athlete to the professionals looking for that edge on the competition.
TrainingScience was built through the years 2000’s Shaped ,Connected and Bettered through the 2010’s Geared to offer an absolute complete service solution in the 2020’s