Training Science – Education

The TrainingScience Connect In-House Training the trainers programs affords all TrainingScience staff a resource that will help ensure there is a proper training system in place guided by and reinforced by an ongoing assessment and teaching system ensuring all staff stay on point with the latest training protocols and world fitness trends.

It is and has been a major focus point of the TrainingScience Company to empower their staff through this ongoing education program and better themselves constantly through the TrainingScience scientific based Coaching system.

Ongoing instructor assessment and assignments keeps TrainingScience on par and in touch with industry.

TrainingScience also takes on all Cpr and First aid qualifications ensuring staff qualification stays current and up to date.

The TrainingScience Operations Team ensures that all the professional conduct and social interaction training stays on track and aligns with that of our clients mandate and expectations.

Its clear in the current market that a Companies In-House Training Systems needs to be both on point with industry as well as offer the simplicity to adapt to market and industry changes and grow with these challenges in order to offer a tailored solutions to clients and prospective business ventures.