Green Cafe

In a fast paced lifestyle the Grab and Go Cafe offers patrons the ideal  ready made products when there is no time to sit down and enjoy a full menu offering at a restaurant.

This trend has found its majority audience among the busy working class offering ready-made nutritious solutions to choose from a display case, pay and take them away….. Or take a quick seat and enjoy a cappuccino or latte at your own pace.

The cafes definitely offers a healthier alternative to fast foods as its mainly fresh and freshly made products. Mixed sandwiches , chicken or tuna, salmon and avocado wraps are just a few  fresh and healthy options that you will find at our cafes’


GreenCafe Greencreek – Savannah Country Estate Pretoria

GreenCafe Greenlee – Greenlee BLvd, Lindbro park AH, Sandton

GreenCafe Greenbay – Finland’s Minor rd, Helderberg Rural, Cape Town

So don’t stress about making supper….. Join us for a light snack and a decent cup of coffee!